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Global Prevention Africa is a non-governmental organization committed to better health in Africa for the prevention of chronic diseases.


  • The development and dissemination of the prevention of chronic diseases in Senegal and Africa and the promotion of health and scientific and medical research in general.

  • The use of new information and communication technologies to produce and disseminate prevention messages.

  • Access to check-ups and orientation towards quality treatment and care.

  • Research related to chronic diseases and premature aging.

  • Counseling and support for patients.


The association is made up of a Board of Directors, a Scientific and Guidance Committee (COS) and an Honorary Committee (HC).


We believe that preventing chronic diseases is the key to improving the health of the population in Africa.

The effects of chronic or non-communicable diseases are increasingly visible in many low- and middle-income countries. The four main types of non-communicable diseases are cardiovascular diseases (strokes, heart or brain), cancer, chronic respiratory diseases (such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or asthma) and diabetes. It is essential that the growing importance of chronic diseases can be anticipated, understood, and that emergency measures can be carried out.

Prevention efforts (first education and behavior change and second check-ups) depend mainly on communication to health professionals who are in the front line and to the general public through the exchange of knowledge and data more recent and more accurate as indicated by the World Health Organization in its report “Prevention of chronic diseases: a vital investment”.

  1. The prevention of chronic diseases through check-ups and health promotion.

  2. Advice and orientation of patients to quality care.

  3. Continuous training of health professionals.

  4. Research on non-communicable diseases and premature aging.

  1. The dissemination of prevention messages to the population

  2. The creation of local, general and specialized health centres

  3. The development of training programs for health professionals

  4. Support for research projects on chronic diseases

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